Playing Bingo in London

March 14, 2016 Posted in London Bingo News by No Comments

Bingo is fast becoming  one of the most popular hobbies of Londoners. It is seen as fun, social, and the thrill of winning money is always exciting. It has traditionally been seen as something for elderly people, but its recent resurgence has seen people from all walks of life and ages join in on the fun. At London bingo halls around the city, it is not uncommon to see a mixed and diverse crowd nowadays. London bingo halls are starting to have more of a ‘pub feel’ even if only in a designated part of the hall. So there may be a section with the more traditional ‘silent’ bingo hall where everyone listens in silence to the caller, and then another section with more of a lounge feel.

There are about 27 bingo halls around the London area. Most are run by the two main chains Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo, but there are a few independent companies as well. They are dotted around London typically outside of zones 1-2. So wherever you live in London there should be a bingo hall within 20-30 minutes of you.

Online bingo is becoming increasingly popular because of obvious changes in technology and internet speeds. As its reflected in all walks of life, being able to enjoy your hobby for the comfort of your own home makes online bingo a popular option for many bingo players. Online bingo means you can play wherever you want, whenever you want, and also offers a large variety of bingo games that you wouldn’t find in a physical bingo hall. It is not unusually for keen bingo players to play both in physical bingo halls and online as well. The online bingo industry is steadily growing and in 2014 was worth around £74 million.

While ‘traditional’ bingo halls are changing and adjusting to suit a younger more diverse clientele, there is also an alternative bingo scene that is becoming increasingly popular in London. Clubs like Rebel Bingo, Bogan Bingo, Musical Bingo and Indie Bingo. These nights are definitely targeted at younger crowds and involve music, DJs, drinking and comedy. It may not be as much about the bingo as the partying but they are very popular and for younger players the right mix of bingo and fun.